Club Reciprocity

The Harlem Yacht Club shares reciprocal privileges with many fine yacht clubs across the country. Our members are welcomed at these clubs as guests, just as their members are welcomed at ours. Many members take advantage of this arrangement while cruising, or traveling in other cities.

Members are encouraged to contact other clubs prior to visiting, to introduce themselves as HYC members, and ascertain any details pertinent to their visit, prior to arrival. If a Letter of Introduction is requested, the club secretary will provide one.

Following is a list of clubs with which HYC has communicated on an annual basis to confirm our reciprocal relationship. However, many other clubs beyond this list will welcome HYC members as visitors.

HARLEM YACHT CLUB • 417 Hunter Ave, City Island NY 10464 •

Lat. 40° 51’ 00” N  Lon. 73° 47’ 24” W

VHF 72 • 718-885-3078