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Daimon Jackson
Line Cook

It was a cousin who brought Daimon to Anne's team in 2016. The people are the best part of the job, he'll tell you ~ and the wings and marinated steak are his favorites from the menu. (Although he personally prefers chicken!) One interesting non-food fact? He was Olympic champion in elementary school in track and related activities.


Susan Converso
Front of House

Starting with Anne in 2012, Susan loves the diverse tasks and locations of her work. A favorite dish is the marinated steak, and she also likes the "Joe Boy" sandwich from the menu ~ a team member creation (see next team member). Susan loves her husband and two sons, and sees herself as adventurous, unafraid to try new things.


Loren Borruso
Front of House

On the job since 2018 ~ Joe Ezell introduced her to Anne ~ Loren finds the best parts of her work ~ the people, the view. In the food area, the hanger steak gets high marks, and, from the catering menu, she's partial to the tuna and salmon dishes. A lover of cats ~ her spirit animal, she says ~ she feeds and hangs with her furry friends outside the Harlem Yacht Club.


Joe Ezell
Front of House

On the team since 2017, Joe loves the people aspect of the job: the team he works with and the people he meets. His favorite food on the menu?  His own creation, of course, the "Joe Boy" sandwich:  fried cod with bacon, picked jalapeño, tartar sauce and slaw on Balthazar baguette. His fun fact? He was the spelling bee champ in 1994!


Jack Green
Front of House

Starting in 2016 working with Anne at the Harlem Yacht Club, Jack started as a bus boy, and then became a waiter. The familiar faces at the Club include his family ~ a definite plus in the job.  Although admittedly not a salad person, Jack favors the grilled chicken avocado salad on the menu.  A fascinating fact? Jack studied abroad during his college time ~ in Russia!

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Jennifer Glick
Pastry Chef

Joining the team in the spring of 2023, Jenny's association with Anne goes back 25 years. They were studying at the Culinary Institute of America at the same time; Jenny, as pastry chef. She loves the great teamwork and super atmosphere at work. Interesting fact? Jenny is the daughter of Elliott Glick of Starving Artist (City Island), where her Jenny's Sweets business began. 


Laura Henderson

A collaborator in catering with Anne for close to two decades, Laura cites as the reason for the professional longevity Anne's easy-going and fun nature. "It's just easy to work with her," Laura says. The duck spring rolls are her hands-down food favorite from the menu. Cool and fun fact? She rides motorcycles! 


Lynette Henderson
Front of House

On the team since 2018, Lynette likes that Anne works with all as a family.  "She treats her team like a family," Lynne says. Favorite foods from the menu: crab cakes, lobster rolls, and the pigs in a blanket because Anne makes them with apple chicken sausage. Her fun fact is like her wife Laura's: riding motorcycles!


Grover Gorgora

Although he started working with Anne in 2022 ~ a job that he enjoys very much ~ Grover has been in the food industry for decades. His favorite on the menu: linguini with shrimp: "a little butter, black pepper ~ love that!" Outside of work he coaches soccer, having the credentials to do that: he played soccer in his home country of Bolivia.


Abner Gudiel Isidro Ardiano
Dishwasher/Prep Cook

Starting in May 2023, Abner was introduced to the job by Grover. Best part of the job? The people he works with and meets. Favorite food from Anne Booth Catering? His answer is an enthusiastic "chicken tenders and fries"! And like Grover, Abner loves soccer!

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