HYC keeps several boats available for Intermediate and Active members to sail at no charge.  All you need to do is sign up for the club boat program and commit to two weekends a year maintaining the boats.  We also require that you take a simple written test and demonstrate on the water that you can handle the boat safely.  The club's two Catalina 25 keelboats may be sailed outside the protected waters of Eastchester Bay; dinghies must stay closer to home. For more information, contact


Ska is a J/24, one of the world's most popular keelboats.  J/24s made their names as racing boats, but they're also great for just kicking around the bay. The boat can sleep 4, if you're all very friendly.  It's small and simple enough for two people to sail (even in 20-knot winds), but it's large cockpit can also accommodate 5 or 6 on a daysail. With the genoa up, it moves nicely in gentle breezes that leave other boats parked.  View calendar.

CAPRI 14.2

The Capri 14.2 is the perfect combination of day sailing comfort and racing performance for the active sailing family or couple. Stability and easy handling make the 14.2 an ideal boat to learn in, while the experienced skipper will enjoy the active one-design racing class.  Our 14.2 has a centerboard and kick-up rudder and lives on the HYC dock. 

The Capri is  equipped with hiking straps to allow the crew to move their weight outboard. It will easily accommodate three adults or two adults and two children. It would be the daysailer of choice for a family.  View calendar.


The club owns two Catalina 25 pocket cruisers. The Catalina 25 is among the most successful small cruising boats ever built, thanks to its relatively spacious accommodations, high quality, and reasonable prices. The boat balances and tracks relatively well and is quite maneuverable when properly trimmed. Unlike the other club boats, the Catalina offers comfortable sleeping space below and an outboard motor.  View calendar.

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