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Moorings and Mooring Field


The club enjoys a private mooring field in the special anchorage zone designated west of City Island. The club employs a professional mooring service, but individual members are responsible for their own moorings and mooring tackle. The mooring contractor is Two C's marine (Chris or Larry, or 917-407-9194). Any gear that is replaced is billed directly to members by Two C's.  Mooring locations are assigned based on seniority and draft. Mooring locations are determined by member seniority. Contact the launch chairman at if you want to move your mooring to a different location. 

Winter Storage

Winter hauling and storage are available Club members, who have first call on the available storage space. Hauling and storage may be offered to non-members is space is available after members' boats are accommodated. Members enjoy rates significantly below those charged by commercial marinas The HYC marine railway can easily accommodate boats up to 10,000 lbs. of displacement, 5.5 feet of draft and 10 feet of beam; the marine chairman may make exceptions as he sees fit.   

Non-members, please contact to inquire about non-member storage, contract, and fees.

Launch Services

The Harlem Yacht Club provides launch service between moorings in the club field and our dock for members and guests.  Call "Harlem Launch" on VHF 72.  If you are unable to raise the launch by VHF, you can telephone the launch house at 718-885-3235.   Please contact the launch chairman at if you need service after-hours.

For current launch hours, rules, and news, please see "Club Launch" entries in the HYC Blog.

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