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Harlem Yacht Club Kicks off Season 138 with virtual Going Into Commission (GIC) Ceremony

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

On Saturday, May 30, 2020, HYC raised its flags and fired a salute to formally kick off our 138th sailing season. Due to the global pandemic, the traditional Going into Commission ceremony was revamped to maintain social distancing and comply with current restrictions on gatherings.

Four Flag Officers, immediate Past Commodore, senior Active Past Commodore and Launch Supervisor gathered at the flag mast. In addition to traditional uniforms, the participants wore masks and gloves, and observed CDC distancing recommendations. Other than three members who were asked to record the ceremony, no other club members were in attendance.

Trustee Anthony Rosco, Senior Active PC, raised the American flag. Peter Trunfio, PC, raised the Club burgee (as the most junior PC) and our Flag Officers hoisted their flags of office: Commodore Frank Cavacini, Vice Commodore Peter Green, Rear Commodore Ellen Murphy, Secretary Douglas McCormick. Our Treasurer, George Morstatt’s flag was raised by Douglas McCormick as well.

Following the flag raising, a cannon salute was fired by PC Rosco and Commodore Frank Cavacini delivered brief remarks. Finally, we toasted to the season!

For those of you who may have missed the ceremony, you watch it now by clicking on this link:

And here are some images from the unique, pandemic style festivities...

Contemplative Commodore, Frank Cavacini, before the ceremony.

Commodore Cavacini consulting with our camera man, Paul Beaudin.

Let the festivities begin as senior Active Past Commodore, Anthony Rosco, leads the way for PC Peter Trunfio, Commodore Frank Cavacini, Vice Commodore Peter Green, Rear Commodore Ellen Murphy and Secretary Doug McCormick.

Commodore Frank Cavacini raises his flag.

Vice Commodore Peter Green raises his flag.

Rear Commodore Ellen Murphy raises her flag.

Secretary Doug McCormick approaching to raise his flag with Commodore Cavacini, PC Peter Trunfio and Senior PC Anthony Rosco looking on while Dave is ready to assist.

Our officers give their attention to members were cheering from the water!

Our beloved Commodore, Frank Cavacini, gives his remarks. Back row, L-R: Secretary Doug McCormick, Rear Commodore Ellen Murphy and Vice Commodore Peter Green.